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    Questions about some aspect of your All Points Accommodations membership?

Browse the Faqs and see if your questions are answered. If  not, Please give us a call and we'd be happy to help you out.


What is a Hot Week?

Any condo reservation that is within 90 days for prime time travel, or within 180 days for holiday travel is a Hot Week. One date, one location.
How do I book a Hot Week?
Call All Points Accommodations Reservation Department at 727-399-8277.
How do I arrange to use a week that is not a Hot Week but is one of my preplanned weeks?
Fill out your reservation request form following the instructions on the back. Mail in the original certificate to All Points Accommodations, along with payment
How do I know which time periods are considered peak?
Consult your Weeks Schedule. This is in your binder and is also listed in Member Resources on this web site.
How do I make arrangements for travel using my promotional vouchers?
Follow all guidelines on your voucher provided to you by All Points Accommodations.. These vouchers must be returned within a clearly specified time frame. Make sure you pay attention to the timeframe. Once activated you will receive a welcome package or a letter.
Can I request a specific property when booking one of my preplanned weeks?
No - we are not resort specific but you can add a note and let us know what you prefer. We can't guarantee it. but we'll do our best.
Can you help me book a cruise?
Our experienced travel agents in All Points Travel are ready to help you book your cruise, whether it is a group cruise or an individual one. They will shop for you for specials and help with all the details of your cruise and with special prices, when available.
What advantage is there to using your travel agency?
All Points Travel is available to our members with no service fees. Our travel agents will take the hassle out of trip planning. They are experienced in both domestic and international travel. Travel is their business. We are also members of, and we extend their specials, perks etc. to our members. We offer discounted car rentals through Hertz, and also work with a number of air consolidators. We work with all the major Tour Companies and Cruise Lines.
How do I set up for an automatic debit for my ASC or my vacation package(Monthly payment)?
Print the forms found on the Member Resource page of All Points Accommodations website. Mail in or fax to 727-399-8437.
Can we change our check-in day once we are confirmed?
Once you are confirmed, your arrival dates cannot be changed or cancelled. One of the key reasons All Points Accommodations can provide you with accommodations well below wholesale is that we purchase specific non-cancelable deals.
What if I lose my confirmation?
Not a problem.All Points Accommodations can immediately forward another copy to you.
What if I'm going to be late arriving at the resort?
We are more than happy to advise the resort of your arrival date and we also provide you with the resort phone number in your confirmation materials. The resort will hold your reservation as long as it has been notified in advance of your late arrival.
Can friends and family use my membership?
Immediate family members such as your children or your parents may make use of your All Points Accommodations membership. Friends may use your membership weeks for an additional fee. Friends and family members may use our full service travel agency.
What if I want to cancel my membership?
You have until midnight of the 3rd business day from the time of sale to postmark a written certified cancellation letter, mailed to our Seminole Florida office.
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